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2018 Calendar Vote for Bianca Owens

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Bianca Owens for ShockerRacingGirls with JD Joyride TV

The final remaining spot in the 2018 Calendar will be determined based on a combination of "Hits" and "Votes" here on Click the link for each of your favorite ShockerRacingGirls and be sure to then give them a vote on their page by clicking the "Rate" button(only the number of votes will matter, not the rating). After all "Likes" have been tallied up, we will then determine which SR Girl has the most "Votes" and "Hits" here on the website.

To Vote for Bianca Owens to be in the 2018 Calendar be sure to click the "RATE" Button above. The number of ratings is what will be counted, not the rating of the votes.

To see Bianca Owens' full ShockerRacingGirls feature, Click Here: