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Eric - Procharged Dodge Viper & Pontiac TA

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Name: Eric (LuddyWS6)
Shocker Racing Position: Member
Location: Western 'Burbs of Chicago

Current Ride:
-2001 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 (Red)

-Procharged 2004 Dodge Viper

Previous Rides:
-87 Fiero GT (500HP V8 conversion)
-88 Fiero Formula
-88 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z

Types of Racing involved in:
-Road Racing
-Auto X

I've always been involved with cars... there is a picture of me at 3 years old wearing a helmet during one of my Dad's autoXs. I started racing autoX shortly after I got my lincense and was instantly hooked. Unfortunately the cars that we were racing couldn't handle the abuse, spent more weekends fixing them then we spent racing. When the last version of the TA WS6 came out, it was the car that I wanted. Unfortunately still being in college there was no way that I could afford it, so I was able to find similar performance in the V8 Fiero for less than half the cost. I sold the Fiero in 2005 and bought the TA less than a week later... no regrets.

I started hanging out with the ShockerRacing group in the Spring 07. It's been a great group of people with similar interests. Whether it's driving to Indiana for a weekend of autoXing to cruises and BBQs at Straightline Performance, it's always a ton of fun. Feel free to signup on our message board!!

 Dodge Viper Procharged 

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