JP - Slammed VW Jetta

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Name - JP
Shocker Racing Position - Member

Previous Rides -
1990 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo
1996 Honda Civic EX
1994 Honda Civic DX Hatchback.

Current Ride - 
Slammed VW Jetta

Ever since I was a little guy (still am :lol: ) I loved cars. I use to ride around my bike with my friends, pretending we were "race cars." I really didn't know much about them until my brother got his TSI. He taught me a lot of things about cars and how to work with them. I thought this hobby was awesome. He then talked me into getting my first car, which was the "Laser". That car taught me a lot of things. My brother then introduced me to the SR guys. I helped them out with there fun projects and all and then soon, became a member! This group of car enthusists are awesome people. I've noticed on other forums, people tend to always fight. This forum, there is really never fighting. These guys rock! :custom15: