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Spdkilz' Custom Twin Turbo C5 Z06 Corvette

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PoorBest Girl Angela by Dan Joy PhotographyShockerRacing first met Spdkilz, Carleton, through a mutual friend one summer day in 2003.  It was a track day and we were heading out to a test and tune night at Route 66 Raceway.  He was this skinny punk kid with long scraggly hair covered by trucker hat(thanks Ashton Kutcher).  Our first thought was does daddy know that this kid stole his Z06 to take it to the drag strip?  We made our way out to Route 66 to get some runs in and of course had a little fun on the way up there.  Once we arrived at the track we had the chance to talk with Carleton, we began to realize that this kid was truly a Corvette enthusiast.  He had done many custom mods to his Vette that we had not seen before.  This C5 was his baby and it was clear that he had spent countless hours getting to know his Z06.  He had his own website for the Vette,, which featured some amazing photos he had taken of the Vette along with tech tips on how to do some awesome custom mods.  Many people knew the site for his write-ups on the interior LED lighting installs, showing people how to replace the boring off-white lights that fill the C5 interior.  At the time he just had an intake and a Speed Inc. Tune done but had much bigger plans for the future of Spdkilz... Girls Angela and Chloe by Dan Joy Photography

Spdkilz Twin Turbo No front bumper IntercoolersThat next summer, Carleton sent the car in to Speed Inc. for a set of AFR 205CC Heads and an SI6 Comp Cam along with a set of headers.  This package got him to a very happy 442 rear wheel horsepower and 410 ft/lbs of torque.  The car ran flawlessly with this setup and the cam sound is amazing.  The Z06 had many run ins with some other supercars and held its own nicely.  Knowing this, he didn't really have any plans to go any crazier with the setup until he was approached by Chris from CM Racing who was interested in building a one-off twin turbo kit for Spdkilz. Girls Angela and Chloe by Dan Joy Photography Girls Angela and Chloe by Dan Joy Girls Angela and Chloe by Dan Joy Photography

So in 2007, Carleton started ordering up the parts that CM Racing would need to begin building the kit.  It began with a pair of Garrett GT35R Polished Turbos along with a pair of front mount intercoolers. He added a Kenne Bell Boost A Pump, Tial 38mm Wastegates, Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve, and Precision 82lb injectors.  Chris began the custom fabrication with a set of hand made reverse headers and a custom intake tube that they had powder coated in Electron Blue.  Chris' design laid the radiator and cooling fans down to allow for room for the turbos to sit symmetrically in front of the motor.  There were a lot of people that claimed this would cause cooling issues for Spdkilz but he had faith in Chris' design.  A custom set up like this obviously took some time to complete, but in the end the engine bay looked like a piece of artwork.  The finished product was pushing only 4psi of boost to keep things safe for testing purposes and made 548 horsepower to the rear wheels after Sound Performance tuned it.  He then bumped the boost up to 6psi and is currently making 6lbs of boost and right at 600 rear wheel horsepower.  The car has never experienced any overheating issues but has had some minor tweaks needed to dial in the custom setup.  Unfortunately, Carleton went off to finish grad school in California and Spdkilz got stored away for safe keeping at Superior Self Storage.  The car remained in storage with minor cruises to stretch it legs throughout the years but has finally made its way home this spring.


Performance Modifications:

  • (2) GT35R Polished Garrett BB Turbos
  • Custom Reverse Headers by CM Racing
  • Custom Downpipe-Intake Tube by CM Racing
  • (2) Front Mount Intercoolers
  • Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
  • Tial 38mm Wastegates
  • Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • RAM Street Dual GM LS-Series Clutch
  • DTE Rear Brace
  • Innovative Wideband Sensor Gauge
  • Cobalt Fuel Pressure and Boost Gauge
  • Precision 82 Pound Injectors
  • AFR 205cc Heads
  • SI6 232 240 .595 .610 112 Comp Cam
  • Hurst Shifter
  • BFG Drag Radials

Audio/Alarm/Radar Detectors:

  • Optima Yellow Top
  • Alpine SPS-130A 5.25's
  • Alpine SPS-080A 3.5's
  • JL Audio 10" W7
  • JL Audio 500/1 Amplifier
  • Alpine IVA-D900 DVD Player
  • ViperXV 790 Paging Alarm
  • Valentine One Radar Detector


  • SG Neon in side vents
  • SG Neon in Amplifier Rack
  • Police strobes in front marker light assembly and back up lights
  • Shorty Antenna
  • Side Cove Screens
  • Z06 Rear Clear Sidemarkers
  • Red/Clear Euro Taillights
  • Rear Bumper SS Letter Set
  • Interior LED Modifications
  • Rear Bumper Screens
  • Tinted Rear And Side Windows
  • Black Powdercoated OEM Z06 Rims
  • Clear Third Brake Light
  • Clear Front Side Corners
  • HID Headlights
  • White LEDs All Around Exterior Of Car
  • MCM Style Hood with Black painted center Girls Angela and Chloe by Dan Joy Photography

Click here to view the full Dan Joy Photoshoot

Carleton has recently booked an appointment at Speed Inc. to have them address a slight coolant leak and an oil leak.  Once they find and fix the leaks, Carleton needs to get it back to the tuner to address an emissions issue so that the car can pass and renew the plates to get her back on the road!  Stay tuned for future updates as we hope to be seeing a lot more of this beautiful Electron Blue Z06 this year.

Quick video of Spdkilz' Twin Turbo Setup

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* February 2016 Update

Carleton has finally addressed most of the issues with SPDKILZ and finally has the car registered and streetable.  The thermostat was sticking and causing the car to overheat.  He dropped it off at Speed Inc. and they replaced the thermostat for him and now she runs cool as can be! There is still a slight coolant leak that we need to find but you should be seeing the car out on the streets this spring!

Spdkilz Twin Turbo C5 Z06 Corvette

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