Olivia Hart is heating things up this month with a pair of Mustangs

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Olivia Hart with a 2015 Mustang 5.0 Shot by MustangFanClubShockerRacingGirls is excited to announce Olivia Hart as our December Featured Article.  This 20 year old, Kentucky girl enjoys hitting up car shows, especially shows like Mustang Week in her time off from waitressing. Olivia tells us, "I went to my first big show at the Mustang 50th anniversary in Charlotte, NC" and that was her gateway into the automotive world!  Her first car was a Mitsubishi Eclipse and she currently is driving a Ford Focus but has dreams of getting her hands on a 2015 Ingot Silver 5.0 Ford Mustang.  My biggest pet peeve is "when people ask me the same questions over and over again" Olivia added, so we were very careful not to ask anything twice! We are always curious to know how much modeling experience each new ShockerRacingGirl has and Olivia tells us "I have very little experience but with those experiences, I've grown better and I enjoy modeling."  She added that her first photoshoot was just this past September.  Olivia appears to be very comfortable with this 2015 S550 Mustang GT in this photoshoot by @MustangFanClub.  Click to read more and see Olivia with Chris Alfieri's Supercharged SN95 Mustang!

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The owner of the killer White 2015 Mustang GT 5.0 goes by @SonOfABeach5oh on Instagram and he tells us he has some big plans for her.  This 6 speed S550 is going in this week to add some personal touches.  It's starting off with a set of Rovos Durban Wheels in a gloss black/machined combo that will be staggered sizes with 20x8.5's in the front and 20x10's in the rear.  Then he is going to drop it 1.5" on a set of Eibach lowering springs.  After that, the Stang is getting the roof wrapped in a gloss black to match the wheels and of course getting them windows tinted out! @SonOfABeach5oh tells us he already has an intake and exhaust on order but they won't be in stock until January so he is just going to have to be patient for another month!  Stay tuned as we will add some new pics of his ride once he gets all of the mods completed.

Olivia Hart with Chris Alfieri's 1998 Mustang

The custom painted SN95 Mustang belongs to Chris Alfieri, @cjalfieri on Instagram.  It started life as a Black on Black V6 Mustang when Chris picked it up back in 2000.  He was a young high school kid at the time but he had big plans for it!  It has gone through many stages of upgrades to get to where it is now but as she sits, it is currently a 5.8L 351 Windsor Stroked out to a 6.4L 393 that is Vortech Supercharged.  The V2 Si Trim Supercharger is pushing 11 psi of boost making 607rwhp and 604rwtq.  He had the car custom painted with a BMW Color called Diamondschwartz and added a set of BBS RK Wheels.  This car has been his baby for a long time and they have definitely seen their share of ups and downs together but in the end I think this Stang has become one mean beast!  To read a full story on his build click here: 5.0 Mustang Magazine

Olivia Hart with Chris Alfieri's 1998 Mustang

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Model: Olivia Hart - IG @hartoliviad

Photographer: IG @MustangFanClub

Owners: IG @SonOfABeach5Oh

IG @cjalfieri

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Olivia Hart with Chris Alfieri's 1998 Mustang

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