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2018 SR Girls Calendar Contest

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2018 ShockerRacingGirls Calendar ContestThe 2018 ShockerRacingGirls Calendar contest is full under way!  This years calendar voting includes over 40 ShockerRacingGirls that have been featured in the past year since the previous calendar voting began.  While we would love to feature every one of these amazing women that we have had the pleasure of working with this year, unfortunately there are only 12 months to fill in the calendar.

As always, the majority of the calendar spots will be decided based on "Like's" on the photos in the album on the Page.  Hit the link to find out how to vote for your favorites:



TO VOTE ON FACEBOOK - Visit this link: Then click on and LIKE your favorite photos from this album. The top SEVEN most liked photos as of 7pm CST on Friday, October 27, 2017 will be included in our ShockerRacingGirls Calendar for 2018. Four of the remaining five months of the calendar will be chosen by ShockerRacing and it's Members.

The final remaining spot in the 2018 Calendar will be determined based on a combination of "Hits" and "Votes" here on  Click the photo below for each of your favorite ShockerRacingGirls and be sure to then give them a vote on their page by clicking the "Rate" button(only the number of votes will matter, not the rating).  After all "Likes" have been tallied up, we will then determine which SR Girl has the most "Votes" and "Hits" here on the website. *Final Calendar Photos Subject To Change Without Notice

Listed in Alphabetical Order:

1 - Adriannka

Adriannka with Nick Manchen's G8 GT for ShockerRacingGirls

2 - Alex Stone

Alex Stone with an Audi R8 for ShockerRacingGirls

3 - Ann Janette

Ann Janette with a C6 Corvette 50th Anniversary

4 - Bex Russ

Bex Russ

5 - Bianca Owens

Bianca Owens for ShockerRacingGirls with JD Joyride TV

6 - Bianca Thomas

Bianca Thomas

7 - Brittaney Kaufman

Brittaney Kaufman

8 - Cassie Marshall

Cassie Marshall

9 - Chelsea Hensley

Chelsea Hensley for ShockerRacingGirls with a Mazda RX7

10 - Chloe Harris

Chloe Harris

11 - Denea Studstill

Denea Studstill

12 - Get Off The Car Girls - Nicole, Shauna, and Brandi

Nicole, Brandi Chojnacki, and Shauna Zielaskowski for ShockerRacingGirls

13 - Gina Frosolone

Gina Frosolone

14 - Ginger Leigh Wicked

Ginger Leigh Wicked

15 - Holli Summers

Holli Summers

16 - Jamie Upton

Jamie Upton for ShockerRacingGirls

17 - Jennifer Combs

Jennifer Combs with her 2014 Ford Mustang GT

18 - Jenny Walter

Jenny Walters for ShockerRacingGirls

19 - Jessica Crammer

Jessica Crammer for ShockerRacingGirls with a Ford Lightning owned by @BlowerWhore

20 - Kaitlyn Macdonald

Kaitlyn Macdonald

21 - Karisha


22 - Katelyn Frosolone

Katelyn Frosolone with an E92 M3 and an E46 M3

23 - Katie Blaze

Katie Blaze with Dillon Rath's Subaru STI - Photos by Christ Auditore

24 - Kylin Sloan

Kylin Sloan with a Mazda RX-7 and a 1970 Chevelle SS 396

25 - Lam and Courtney Lynn

Lam and Courtney Lynn for ShockerRacing with a pair of Subies

26 - Leydis Spence

Leydis Spence aka Mazda Doll for ShockerRacingGirls

27 - Madison Clark

Madison Clark

28 - Marris Gulledge

Marris Gulledge in her 2nd Shoot for ShockerRacingGirls

29 - McKenzie Moore

McKenzie Moore

30 - Merihazel Walters

Merihazel Walters

31 - Michaela Hinostroza

Michaela Hinostroza

32 - Mila Banner

Mila Banner

33 - Nicole


34 - Nikki Thibeault

Nikki Thibeault

35 - Patricia Echeverria

Patricia Echeverria for ShockerRacingGirls

36 - Ruth Harris

Ruth Harris

37 - Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee

38 - Samantha Lewis

Samantha Lewis

39 - Samantha Potter

Samantha Potter with her Shelby GT500

40 - Sammie Jackson

Sammie Jackson

41 - Sarah Senecal

Sarah Senecal

42 - Skyler Baggett

Skylar Baggett

43 - Tien Le

Tien Le

44 - Tricia Martinez

Tricia Martinez for ShockerRacingGirls with an EVO

45 - Zelanna Sessions

Zelanna Sessions

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