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Jon's A&A Supercharged 2002 Corvette Z06

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ShockerRacingGirls Angela and Chloe by Dan Joy PhotographyShortly after Jon's 2007 Lemans Blue Z51 Corvette caught fire in an accident in June of 2010 things were looking kind of down.  Work was slow and as bad as Jon wanted to run out and find a replacement for his baby he knew the smart thing to do was wait out the slow times until he found some steady work.  An opportunity to move from Chicago to California for a new job came up and he jumped on it.  During the year that Jon was living in Cali, he found an Electron Blue 2002 C5 Z06 with 26,000 miles on it for sale in Northern California on Corvette Forum.  He fell in love with it immediately after flying out there to check it out and drove it home!  The Z06 was nicely modded with a Vararam Intake, Mild Cam and Heads package(to pass California Emmisions), Belanger Headers, Corsa X-Pipe with high flow cats, and a modified titanium exhaust with the bypass mod.  With this selection of mods the car made 387 rear wheel horsepower and 387 rear wheel torque.  This was a good start but this power wasn't going to be enough for long... Girl Chloe by Dan Joy Photgraphy

Not long after picking up the Vette, Jon decided to move back to Chicago and he couldn't wait to really starting modding the car!  Before getting the opportunity to do any new upgrades Jon took the car to the WannaGoFast 1/2 Mile Shootout and ran a best MPH of 143.  Not happy with the results at the shootout, he ordered up a F.A.S.T. 92mm intake, an LS2 throttlebody and booked an appointment with Tony at Speed Inc. to have the car tuned.  After the retune, the car only made 389 hp and the same torque!  Tony and Jon were both shocked at the results as the intake and retune should have netted some much larger gains.  A few months later, Jon decided to swap out the tiny cam in the car with the Speed Inc SI5V2 Cam.  The new cam and retune netted just another 12 horsepower to the wheels and actually lost some torque.  This baffled Jon and the guys at Speed as these mods should easily be netting him much more power.  After doing some research about the Belanger headers it was determined that they are a pretty restrictive header with its tri-y design and figured it was worth swapping them to the LG Super Pro LT headers with and off road 3" x-pipe.  This finally did the trick and opened up the power! The car finally made 420 rear wheel horsepower and 382 torque.  This was enough to satisfy Jon... at least for the rest of the 2013 season!

Dan Joy Photography shoot with C5Z06SpeedJons Girls Angela and Chloe by Dan Joy Photography

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Spring of 2014 is when things really got interesting!  Jon once again contacted Tony at Speed Inc because the stock clutch that was in the car was needing to be replaced to something that could handle the mods he had added plus the mods he was contemplating for the future.  Tony recommended the McLeod RST Twin Disc Clutch with the billet flywheel, along with a Tick Adjustable Master Cylnder, Slave Cylinder, Tick Speed Bleeder, and a DTE Rear Brace. While Jon was getting a quote from Speed he figured just for kicks he would have them quote him on adding an A&A "Blacked Out" Supercharger Kit.  Jon was surprised at how reasonable the price was and decided that since the car was going into the shop, he might as well do it all at once!  He also ended up adding an LPE Intank Fuel Pump, Turbo Smart BOV, EZ Flowcharger BAP, and 60# injectors to complete the package!  Here is the current modification list:

  • 2002 Electron Blue Corvette Z06
  • A&A "Blacked Out" Vortech V3-Si Supercharger Kit
  • LPE Intank Fuel Pump
  • Turbo Smart BOV
  • Flowcharger BAP
  • LS2 Throttlebody
  • F.A.S.T. 92 Intake
  • Ported 243 LS6 Heads
  • Speed Inc SI5V2 Comp Cam
  • Brian Tooley .660’’ Dual Springs and Pushrods
  • LG SuperPro 1 7/8" LT Headers
  • LG Off-Road X-Pipe
  • Stock Titanium Exhaust w/Bypass Mod
  • McLeod RST Twin Disc Clutch
  • McLeod LS Billet Steel Flywheel
  • Tick Performance Speed Bleeder
  • Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kit
  • DTE Rear Brace
  • Autometer Boost and Fuel Pressure gauges with dual pillar pod

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Speed Inc Dyno ComparisonAfter completing the install and tune, the car made an astounding 661 rear wheel horspower and 529 rear wheel torque!  It seems that Jon's Vette had been waiting for boost to finally wake it up!  He is extremely happy with the way the car has turned out.  It sounds mean and pulls hard on the streets!  He is eagerly awaiting the WannaGoFast 1/2 mile shootout to see what kind of mile per hour that car hits now and is currently planning to hit the drag strip as soon as possible.  Stay tuned for updates track numbers!
In the last couple of weeks, Jon also decided to add the Caravaggio Rear Spoiler which he chose to have painted black. While it was at KDX Auto Painting, he decided to also have the bottom of the rear bumper painted to match.  He also had his wheels powder coated black at the same time giving the whole car a black and blue theme that looks tough. Girls Angela and Chloe by Dan Joy Photography

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