Jeep JL Dash Panel Removal Video - How To

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Jeep JL Dash Panel RemovalFor Christmas this year, I got Kim just what she has been wanting.... JEEP PARTS!  Since we picked up our Mojito Jeep Rubicon, we were disappointed that for some reason Jeep decided that the Red Rubicon Dash Panels didn't go in the Mojito, Punk'n, and Hella Yellow colored JL Wranglers.  We had been told that our Rubicon would come with it, but sadly it didn't.  I tried to convince Kim to let me wrap our dash pieces, but the factory Matte Red Dash coloring was too perfect and would have been hard to copy.  So for Christmas this year, Kim finally got her wish!  I picked up the factory dash panels from our local Jeep dealership for about $300.  Since there was very little information about the removal process for this project, we took the time to put together a nice how to video for removing and installing the Jeep JL Dash Panels... Check it out:


This install is considered a Medium Difficulty install and we are providing this video to help you with the installation process. Attempt this installation at your own risk. The process includes; Battery Disconnection, HVAC Panel Removal, Radio and Bezel Removal, Glove Box Removal, Dash Panel Removal, Passenger Air Bag Removal